Case study of a female patient suffering from fatigue prior to her visit to Full Circle Care Integrative MedicineJennifer is a 46 year-old woman who feels tired all the time and can’t seem to lose weight despite her best intentions to eat well and exercise. After raising 3 children she’s ready to focus on improving her health and start to really learn about her own body. She tends to feel moody, is often irritable, seems to crave sugar and carbohydrates more than ever and her sleep is terrible.

After thoroughly listening to Jennifer’s story we began with a complete evaluation of her hormones and general health. We used saliva testing for her hormones, and blood testing to check her thyroid and to uncover any possible underlying nutritional or metabolic imbalances. Jennifer was asked to keep a journal of her daily food intake, exercise, energy levels and moods.

We discovered Jennifer had an imbalance in her estrogen and progesterone, which was causing her to feel moody, gain weight, and not sleep well. Her exhausting life had left her with adrenal fatigue and less than optimal thyroid function. Her lab testing and food journal revealed hypoglycemia that left her feeling irritable, anxious, and craving sugar.

Jennifer’s treatment began with nutritional and herbal support for her adrenal fatigue and low thyroid to help her start to get her energy back. She was also prescribed bioidentical hormones to balance her moods, facilitate weight loss and help her feel more like her self. To help keep her blood sugar balanced Jennifer was instructed to not skip meals, eat snacks if needed and focus on healthy food choices. We also discussed some techniques for managing stress and finding more time for her self.

After 4 weeks, Jennifer reported feeling 50% better. Her energy was up, she had lost a couple of pounds, her moods were more stable and her sleep had improved. She was encouraged and excited about her life again.

Most importantly Jennifer began to understand the importance of commitment to her health. Even though she had hoped for a “quick fix” she came to realize that changing her patterns and habits takes time, and that she would need continued support and follow-through to reach her goals.